Max Holiday


Name:   Max Holiday
From:    Merrillville, IN
Height:  6’4″
Weight: 262.4

Former Trainers:
CM Punk
Jay Bradley aka Adien O’Shea
Chi-Town T
Gordon “Rage” Dennis



Previous & Current Companies:
Galli Lucha
Underground Wrestling
Blitz Pro Wrestling
Brew City Wrestling*
Zero1 USA*
Fire Pro
Wicked Wrestling Alliance
Pro Championship Wrestling

Championships Held:

IUWA 6 Man Championship
IUWA Tag Team Championship
IUWA TV Championship
ZLW – Heavyweight Championship
WWA -UrAPeon Championship
AnarchyPro -Heavyweight Champion
SSW – Tag Team Champion
ARW – Indiana Heavyweight Champion
ARW – Tag Team Champion
ARW- Golden Ticket Recipient
Brew City Wrestling – Heavyweight Championship

Maxwell J. Holiday (Max/J) was born in the sleepy little river town of Hannibal, MO home of the famous author, Mark Twain. Max comes from a large family that is deeply rooted in the religion. Being from the bible belt of America, that should be no real surprise.

When Max was 5 years old his family, his entire family (mother’s side), moved to Chicago, IL. This is where Max would break his teeth in on the streets of the southside of Chicago.

Living what some would call a sheltered life. What would you really expect from a deeply religious, southern family, moving into the big liberal city?

Mt. Greenwood, a city on Chicago’s south side, would be the home and birth of Max’s love for professional wrestling. As a kid, Max would sit with this father and uncle in his Grandmother’s basement watching Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, the Mega Powers, defending truth, justice and the American way every Saturday morning.

It wouldn’t be until Max was a freshman in high school that he rediscovers pro wrestling and his love for the sport. Sitting in his parent’s basement in a makeshift “living room” after dinner, Max was flipping the channels and came across WWF RAW. On the screen, 2 Dudes With Attitudes. Max. Was. Hooked.

It wasn’t long after watching several episodes that the itch started to develop. Max had no idea what was about to happen to him. Something that would change his life and the direction of his life, forever.

Fast forward to 1996. Max and Bear St.Pierre travel to Windy City Pro Wrestling, then Windy City Wrestling, to inquire about their training school. Needless to say, after an hour of talking with the group’s owner, the boys felt it was one, out of their price range and two, they felt Sam, that’s the owner, was connected in more ways than one. So they decided to pass.

They found PWI in Chicago, who was run by an ex-WCPW employee, Sunny Rogers. There were a few others they investigated but at the time neither one of them could afford it.

A short time after the search, Max, found himself beginning his “training” inside the now infamous, LWF Bump Factory, on his way to becoming a pro wrestling superstar!

Unfortunately, this plan never did work out. After two failed attempts at training with the LWF, Max had to move on. He thought wrestling was not in his future. Thanks to the internet, he started to stumble across more promotions.

Max began training, again, under Chi-Town T, a former WCPW guy, in a gym on the border of Illinois and Indiana in 2001. They trained in Calumet City, a border town between Illinois and Indiana. Max would stay with Chi-Town and the IUWA until 2009 before finally venturing out into the REAL world of Independent pro wrestling.

Now, Max, has been traveling the midwest collecting championships and kicking people in the face with A Boot Named Sue.

To be continued……


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