Internet Stars And Their Fees
Sara Jay

It amazes me at the audacity of some of these “internet stars”. I mean, we recently had cam girl turn porn actress Pockets, I know, on the HA! pod. Now in the past, we have had cam girls, BaileyXPaige, and adult entertainers, Sara Jay, to name a few; and none of them have EVER asked for compensation to come on the show. HELL! Bailey was damn near a regular as many times as she appeared on the HA! pod.

Well, our last guest came on, in our opinion, put on one lackluster performance. I mean, the show has evolved into a video podcast program.


So, when Pockets was approached about being on the show she asked how she would connect with us. I told her she could call in or she could Skype in. She immediately offered to Skype in. Cool!

Fast forward to 1 hour before the show when Pockets contacts me to inform me she wasn’t comfortable doing Skype video because she wasn’t feeling well. Of course, I said that was fine and we discussed an alternate way for her to connect with the show.

So, the show happens and we are of course running late. We bring Pocket on to the show about 20 minutes into to the show. At which point it just becomes really awkward. You’ll have to listen for youself.

After her segment was over I immediately messaged her and thanked her for coming on and apologized for any technical difficulties that might have had happened during her appearance. She assured me it was fine and thanked me for having her on.

I then expressed how I was glad she had a good time and could not wait to have her back on, considering during the show she stated how she couldn’t wait to come back on and hopefully do it with video.

She replied with and I quote, “Love, truthfully I don’t believe another appearance will be made without compensation. Appearances are part of what I do for a living. Just something to keep in mind. Thank you for the opportunity & your time.”

Ok, so let me get this straight, you end your plea for an appearance fee on my podcast because this is what you do but you wanted to thank me for the opportunity. Well, listen here, missy. You didn’t bring anything to the show. Not 1, yes not 1 listener. We maintained our normal traffic during your episode.

At first, I thought, it was weird but I wrote it off as it was our first youtube live video. Then I went back to your twitter account to see how many times you actually shared the digital ad. I found 2 retweets. It’s what else I found that really took me over the edge.

Nevermind the fact that while looking for how many times she “advertised” I com across her posts for skype calls and cam stuff. WOW! Why not just say you don’t want to do video instead of making up reasons?

So, not only did she ask for “compensation” for a return appearance, but she only shared or advertised to her followers twice!! Two freaking times. Then I looked at her followers and she has 7,888. I just hung my head and shook it.


Please, do me favor and learn to hold a conversation and not just tweet to your less than 8k followers to spoil you.

Maybe, JUST MAYBE, if you change your work model, you’ll do a little better for yourself. I mean I know another girl from twitter that doesn’t do cams nor give away nudes and she clears 20K followers. That’s none of my business though. However, good luck with the porn career. I truly hope it works out for you and you become extremely successful and not one of the thousands of girls that fail and ultimately loose everything.


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