Demolition Man (the movie) Is Our Future

Now I’m not completely done formulating my theory here but there are some striking resemblances between our time now and what was portrayed as the future in Demolition Man.

I plan to formulate this theory completely and post it here for your reading enjoyment. I mean, seriously, will we become that society of the future in Demolition Man? Probably not but who is to say that? I mean, is it far fetched to believe that there could be a society sub-culture living beneath our streets? Just think about it for a minute.

Yep! Not that far fetched at all.

Well, while we still ponder the three seashell theory, keep in your mind the type of society we will become in the future. It’s all based off of our decisions now. This is not me getting on a soapbox. This is me saying, “Hey! I don’t like what I see in our future. So, let us make some reasonable decisions moving forward.

I mean, do you really want to listen to commercial jingles in the future for entertainment? Me neither!

I will continue to put this idea together and hopefully one day I will share it in all it’s glory here for you. That being said, I did touch on it briefly on the HA! pod: Episode 091.

Now off to do my theorizing or whatever it’s called….


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